The definition of family for Luxe Commercial managing director Chris Sales is one of passion and influence.

The 30-year-old happily admits he is still learning about business and that his dad, Glenn Sales, has and continues to be a huge inspiration, particularly when it comes to business, work ethic and people skills.

Describing his dad as hardworking and an industry leader, Chris still goes to Glenn to discuss business ideas and strategies.

“I’ve always loved the energy and adrenalin that comes with the highs and lows of running your own business,” Chris says.

“Dad has an incredible work ethic and although we operate very different management models he gave me a solid foundation and taught me the fundamentals of what it takes to run a successful business.

“There’s no overnight success in business, people can be lucky, but a large part is about creating your own luck and the rest is about getting the basics right and applying an unwavering work ethic.”

Chris’ passionate approach to Luxe is resolute. Starting with a small team that included one other sales and leasing expert 12 months ago, Luxe has a diverse team of eight, capable of servicing the commercial sales, leasing and property management needs of the entire Sunshine Coast.

He says he adheres to old-fashioned service and relationships, between clients, buyers, vendors, tenants and staff.

“I believe it comes from the top down. If I treat my staff like family, with respect and humility, they will do likewise. The same goes with clients, new and old,” he says.

“Property is a people business, they go hand in hand. It’s what gets me out of bed each morning and makes this industry so exciting.”

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