SWINGS AND ROUNDABOUTS. Whims and fancies. Investing in property is just like everything else; one minute it’s hot, next, not so much.

On the Sunshine Coast, investing in property was out of favour a little while ago. Winter, mostly. During the election campaign, most definitely.

People were nervous, there was no certainty, would negative gearing be scrapped and what would happen to super? and the easiest thing to do was sit on the fence. June came and went. Then July. But then something happened. The Government stayed put, just, and interest rates remained at historic lows. And as global uncertainties raged elsewhere, confidence returned to the Sunshine Coast.


And the biggest thing of all? Other people started to notice us, the location. The quality of life (still beautiful one day, perfect the next) and better still they saw value; better returns, yields, quality tenants and just the right amount of competition.

August was a complete contrast, September better again and as we head into the depths of Q2 transactions continue to outperform budgets and expectations.

The momentum that began building in late July and early August has strengthened. New sales and leasing deals for office, medical, retail and industrial space continues as businesses expand and capitalise on great buying or rental opportunities.

And the outlook remains healthy just as long as confidence remains, interest rates stay low and the spending on infrastructure continues into the Sunshine Coast’s peak holiday season.

So what have we learned? To be prepared, put in the hard work even when the industry is unfashionable so that when everyone returns to the party, you’re already there ready to show them just what they’ve missed out on.

Want to talk about fashionable property investments? Luxe Commercial is the Sunshine Coast’s leading boutique commercial property agency for sales, leasing and property management between Caloundra to Noosa Heads. There’s no such time as a bad time to talk about property. Visit us at Level 1, 7 The Esplanade, Maroochydore or call (07) 5493 6652.

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