Emporio_Luxe_For_Sale_Properties_1-10042015-115705We’ve all seen those so-called overnight successes; the latest star on a reality singing TV show, the millionaire whose rise to the top appeared at warp speed or the friend whose property portfolio has them retiring from their day job at 40.

Their success might look like it just happened but in truth years of hard work and planning goes into everything before it becomes a reality.

Luxe Commercial managing director Chris Sales knows too well the dedication and hard work required to accomplish a goal – whether it’s a career, property portfolio or saving for your first home.

“I started in small business when I finished high school, I was still a teenager, and have been through several highs and lows as well as careers before the timing was right to open Luxe Commercial,” he says.

“Similarly I bought my first home in my early 20s and lived in it before I could afford to renovate. Along the way I learnt a lot of lessons and have slowly and cautiously built from there. Everything takes time and patience and overnight successes simply do not exist whether it’s business, entertainment, finance or property.”

The 30-year-old says investing in commercial property requires the same hard work, patience and long-term view. He says careful research into locations, supply and yields are a necessity before taking the plunge.

“Commercial property is a long-term proposition and can be a great addition to any diversified investment portfolio,” Chris says.

“It’s an industry that flourishes on the back of a strong economy and tenancies can be long-term as tenants given they often have capital investment in the tenancy.

“However good advice, research and patience are all required before you can create the perfect nest-egg that will grow overtime.”

Luxe Commercial is the Sunshine Coast’s leading boutique commercial property agency covering Caloundra to Noosa Heads. Chris and his team are available at any time to discuss sales, leasing and property management.

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